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Registering a New Account

To create a user account, you will need access to account information in order to verify your identity. This information includes:

  • Customer Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Total Due from that Invoice

To create a Customer Center User Account, select the "Register A New User" button, located on the Customer Center sign in page.


The first step in creating a new user account is to verify the Customer Number being added is correct.

To do this, enter Customer Number, Invoice Date (Format: mm-yyyy ex: 04-2012) and Total Due into the fields on the Register page. Once this is complete, click the "Continue" button.

This information will be verified against our records. Once the information is successfully validated, you will be taken to the next step of the account creation.


After validation, a new page will open to create a Username and Password.

The Username must be between 1 and 25 characters long with no spaces or punctuation marks. The Password can be up to 255 characters long, with no spaces. Passwords are case sensitive.

In some cases, the Customer Number entered may be linked to other Customer Numbers. If this is the case, a message will appear to add those additional Customer Numbers to your Customer Center account. Select Yes or No to proceed.

Additionally, you must read and agree to the Customer Center Terms of Use. Check the checkbox under the user agreement, indicating acceptance to the terms of this service.

Click the "Register" button. The email address will be verified and you will be taken to the Account Activation step.


A message will be sent to your email address containing a link to activate your account.

This link must be clicked on within 48 hours of account creation or it will expire. If expired, a new account will need to be set up.

Allow up to 15 minutes for this email to arrive. If you are having difficulty with your account creation, please contact Customer Support at 1-800-499-8421.